Steven: *Playing ukelele* The sea is right, our shirts are tees, we're sitting up above the beach, come on, and share sea food with me.

Connie: *Playing violin* Beach, or plum, or octopus, any kind is fine, you see, come on and share this seafood now! I'll do my best, to shove this tasty squid into my mouth hole!~

Steven: *Playing ukulele* And I'll keep it fresh, we're jamming on these tasty muscles!

Both: Oh, sausages and dairy stuff, we really spice up perfectly, come on, and share this fish with me!

(Seafood song ends)

Steven: Woo-hoo! Sardine buds!

Connie: Nice sardine-singing session. *puts violin back in case*

Steven: Don't forget the best part!

(Steven spreads sardines on a piece of toast and prepares to eat it, but is interrupted by one of the Crystal Seafood's worst enemies, some approaching seagulls. Connie bravely uses her violin bow to fight them off.)

Connie: Yah! Hah! Hi-yah!

**Translation: I'll kill you! Then I'll fry you on a pan! And, eat you as fried duck!**

(The seagulls fly away in fear of being on the next plate of Connie's dinner.)

Connie: If you tell your masters, I will have them on a plate! Tell them to be afraid of fish-kind!

Steven: *giggles* Thanks for saving my sardines. Unfortunately, they're not safe from me. *eats the toast and sardine sandwich*