Minor Characters/Animals is the true main antagonist of Butt Lobster's show. It is a forever hugry mindless beat that assimilates all cretures it finds worthess and unimportent. During the season finale it tried to assimilate Butt Lobster and the Crystal Sea Food but Yellowtail, who is Minor Characters/Animals's former minion saves them. However at the end of the episode it imprissons Lobster leaving the series on a cliff hanger.


  • Minor Characters/Animals is scary and mean, and hurt your friends and hurt your face and has Butt Lobster locked in prison.
  • Minor Characters/Animals is comparable to many lovecrafitan deities due to it's emense power and insanity.
  • Other victoms of Minor Characters/Animals include:
    • Steven Jr.
    • Onion's Snake
    • A Raccoon
    • All Seaguls
    • A Crystal Basilik
    • All Crystal Shrimp
    • And a Dog