Template:Quote Template:Character box "Butt Lobster" is a lobster that clung onto Pearl's posterior, prompting Garnet to joke that she had a lobster on her butt. The Crystal Gems warped back from the Sea Shrine and, as a result, the lobster went along with them and ended up at the Beach House alongside a fish, an octopus, and a crab. Pearl had no idea it was there and was startled when Garnet pointed it out. It is unknown what became of it afterwards.

Episode Appearances


  • "Butt Lobster" is the official name, as seen in the storyboard.
  • It appears to resemble an American Lobster.
  • Butt Lobster is accompanied by various underwater friends, each Crystal Gem comes back with a sea animal. These include:
    • Garnet's head octopus,
    • Amethyst's fish (which she proceeds to eat),
    • Pearl's Butt Lobster,
    • And Steven's crab, which he lets out of the beach house.



"Steven and the Stevens"

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